Technology Problems? Spending Too Much Time and Money on It? Is Your Business Really Safe? Does Your IT Provider Understand Business and Is Easy to Communicate With?

Protect Your Business and Data from Hackers and Catastrophe. Improve Productivity and ROI on IT.

We Can Take Care of Your Technology so You Can Focus on Your Business. and Sleep Well at Night.

We have worked for many years with our IT partner for our own businesses.

Their reliable IT services have safeguarded our customer’s financial and personal information, protected us from hackers, set up a reliable disaster plan, managed our extensive email and documents, designed and set up a cost-effective telephony system, and more.

Unlike many IT companies, Weehooey comes from a long business background so they understand business issues and realities, and are easy to communicate with.


Are You (and Your Customer Information) Really Safe from Hacks and Ransomware?

Hacking, phishing, malware, and ransomware are on the rise. Cybercrime continues to increase and business is a prime target.

Stolen customer data, credit cards, fraud, and critical systems held hostage keep business owners and managers paralyzed with real threats. Most do not know how to even start protecting themselves — or even if they can. Breaches and disruptions can cost thousands of dollars or even push a company into bankruptcy.

We are experts in information security. We protect hundreds of business users and computers every day.


What Happens if Your Backups Don’t Let You Quickly Recover?

The time to find out that your backup system isn’t adequate is not when your hard drive crashes or your facility has a catastrophe, such as theft or fire.

Are your backups current, quickly and easily accessible?

Has your backup and restore been tested recently?

We can review to see if you are at risk and recommend affordable solutions.


Email: Can’t Live with It, Can’t Live without It

Email is a vital tool, both personally and professionally. When it comes to your business, email problems cost you time, money and potentially credibility with your clients. We’ll get your email system working seamlessly and effectively.


Phones Out Of Control or Cost Too Much?

Professional, powerful and affordable phone systems for any business from one to 100 on the team. Auto Attendant directs calls to the right person quickly and easily., whether in the office, in a home office, or on the road.


Are your PCs slow? Will it work with the latest Windows version?

Having computer hardware that works for you not against you is imperative. A slow computer not only slows you and your staff down, it costs you money. Once you have decided to buy new computer hardware, it is just the beginning. We can help you get the computers you need to succeed.


Cost Reduction Solutions

IT services can be very expensive, unnecessarily draining funds that you could be using to grow your business. Running your own IT to save money has many risks. We have affordable, efficient and effective service plans so that you can reduce IT costs while improving reliability and safety.



From our experience with them

From our experience with them we have found their team has deep experience on how to provide exactly what a business needs to be successful on the internet. Highly recommended.

David Sopuch

Thanks for creating my new wishlist

The audit Les conducted was incredibly detailed! His roadmap document now serves as a guide that we can turn to and execute as budget permits.

Shraddha Sekhon (as seen on Dragon's Den)

Great service and better knowledge

Les is very knowledgeable in what he does and his help has really been on point and given me direction for my company presence and marketing strategy. Looking forward to the continued work for upcoming projects!

Tony de la Concha

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